Experiment Man

Experiment Man

Trying to survive in a big city without technology; completely changing your eating habits or your sleep behaviour…
Following a new religion, being fully healthy or fully honest.
The result of those experiments is this book, simultaneously comic and educative.

The author submitted himself to the experiments in study. Brushing his teeth with ashes or avoiding touching women for a whole month, due to new religious views. Following all health advice from Men’s Health magazine or depriving himself from movies and card games to become a full vegan. Using stairs instead of elevators, using bikes instead of cars, praying 5 times per day, being radically honest – what includes telling people that he doesn’t like them or confessing to his females friends about the lascivious thoughts in his head.

This is the result of those experiments. And everything exposed in this book is real.

It’s not only studying the subject.
It’s getting immerse into it and living inside it.

A truly experiment man.

Author: Paulo Henrique Martins
Edited by: Fábio Bracht
Year: 2016
150 pages

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